Research data

Research data are the basis and result of academic work and are an essential source for research transparency, academic progress and the disseminiation of research findings.

As a member of the Leibniz Association, the German Institute for Adult Education follows the principle of „good scientific practice“ and Open Access, as well as the „Guideline on handling research data“ by the Alliance of German Research Organisations.

The DIE aims at creating and structuring sustainable storage of the institute's research data in the sense of "good scientific practice", and making it accessibly to everybody. A professional handling of research data was institutionalised in June 2017 in the DIE research data policy.

Research data management at the DIE

The DIE practises research data management during all phases of a research project. Research data is structured, organised and documented professionally based on established standards- According to the standards of "good scientific practise", data is to be preserved for at least 10 years. Under consideration of the legal framework of personal and copyright laws, data should be made available for use.


DIE researchers are institutionally supported by a research data manager, who provides counselling as well as suitable information material and templates, as well as internal and external contacts. The graphic shows the ideal cycle of research data management at the DIE (click to enlarge the image).

Existing research data

The DIE institutionalised research data management in June 2017. The portfolio of documented and reusable research data is in the development stage.

At the moment, two Scientific Use Files (SUF) are available for interested parties:

  • Scientific Use File primary data of Statistics on Adult Education Centres: Link
  • Scientific Use File Project "CiLL - Competencies in Later Life“: Link

Check our Research Map for Adult and Continuing Education for information about current and completed DIE projects.



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