The 21st DIE-Forum Continuing Education took place on 3 and 4 December 2018 at the Collegium Leoninum in Bonn. Topic: "Shaping regional continuing education. Overcoming disparities."

In Germany, there are considerable regional differences in economic power and demographic development – even if the overall economic situation is positive. This disparity endangers the social guiding principle of equal living conditions and holds social explosive power: income and advancement opportunities, social participation and security are increasingly unevenly distributed regionally.

This applies, for example, to medical care, but also to a comprehensive, diverse range of further training courses. The need for political action is acute: The coalition agreement of the Federal Government provides for a new support system for structurally weak regions and municipalities. The DIE Forum 2018 discusses current challenges for adult and continuing education and asks:

  • To what extent is continuing training affected by regional development dynamics? What impact do they have on participation opportunities and educational opportunities?
  • What potential does continuing education have for regional development? What can it do for "challenged", economically and infrastructurally weak regions? Can it give impetus to regions suffering from high unemployment, ageing populations and emigration?
  • How can politics ensure comprehensive continuing education through funding programmes and legislation and support regional development processes?

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In our 30-page conference documentation (German only) you will learn everything about the program, the working groups and literature on the topic.


DIE-Forum 2018

Photos: DIE/Marco Rothbrust


Greeting, Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader (German only)

Keynote, Prof. Dr. Gabriela Christmann (German only)

In three working groups, researchers and practitioners discussed questions of regional monitoring, demographic change and the design of regional labour markets.


Working Group I

All PowerPoint presentations of the working group "Regional Monitoring and Regional Governance - Data and Actors" (German only).

Continuing Education in Municipal Education Monitoring, Dr. Pia Gerhards

Opportunities and limits of deeply regionalized education reporting, Dr. Andreas Martin

Regional Education Network Lippe "LippeBildung. Education, Media and Consulting", Dr. Anja Mai

Potentials and limits of data-supported offer development for regional continuing education, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs, Bastian Steinmüller

Working Group II

All PowerPoint presentations of the working group "Demographic Change as a Challenge for Continuing Education (German only).

Demographic change as a challenge for continuing education, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klemm

Demographic change in the public realm, Dr. Claus Schlömer

Demographic change in southern Lower Saxony, Dr. Holger Martens


Working Group III

All PowerPoint presentations of the working group "Regional labor markets as a design framework for continuing vocational training" (German only).

Competition, Cooperation and Shortage Management, Dr. Anne Margarian

Innovative capacity of companies outside the agglomeration areas, Martin Graffenberger

Continuing vocational training in rural areas, André Mewes

Continuing vocational training as a labour market service, Walter Würfel


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