The DIE publishes recent research findings from empirical studies on the continuing education system and its educational institutions under the label "DIE Survey. Data and reports on continuing education". The publications are directed at stakeholders in education policy, practical continuing education, as well as national and international research. The volumes are published in loose sequence and provide transparency in the complex field of continuing education. Thus they provide an academically sound basis for decisions made by politically and institutionally responsible stakeholders. The series "DIE Survey" resumes the traditional label "DIE Special". In cooperation with the W. Bertelsmann Verlag, data for subsequent use is provided in addition to the print and online edition.

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Huntemann, Hella; Echarti, Nicolas; Lux, Thomas; Reichart, Elisabeth
Volkshochschul-Statistik - 58. Folge, Berichtsjahr 2019
Bielefeld 2021, 138 Seiten, 978-3-7639-6589-2, Best-Nr.: 85/0025w

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