If you wish to publish an article in the weiter bilden, please contact Jan Rohwerder

  • for articles on the key topic or "Impuls" (10.000–20.000 characters including spaces) and
  • for contributions covering news concerning the field of adult education.

We are always interested in presenting innovative approaches in practical adult education to our readers.

All articles are reviewed in an editorial conference with editors, advisory boards und editorial team to ensure the quality of all contributions. The editorial team discusses all text changes, which exceed spelling or formal adjustments, with the author.

The editorial team reserves the right to make selected articles digitally available in the journal's online edition as well as in other DIE internet services.

A sample copy will be sent to the author following the publication. The pdf-document is also available.


Due Dates

Volume 1 (March)
Please hand in articles until December 31.

Volume2 (June)
Please hand in articles until March 30.

Volume 3 (September)
Please hand in articles until June 30.

Volume 4 (December)
Please hand in articles until September 30.

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