The ProfilPASS is a tool for identifying skills you have gained at some point in your life regardless of time and context. While people gain many of their competences in informal settings, such as family and voluntary work, they are often unaware of these competencies.

The ProfilPASS process makes an important contribution in recognising and appreciating competences that have been gained informally. Specially trained ProfilPASS counsellors support the process of reflecting, documenting and developing an individual competence profile. First developed in 2006, the ProfilPASS portfolio has been growing continuously.

The ProfilPASS in Simple Language in Ukrainian

ProfilPASS ukrainisch

The current war of aggression on Ukraine is forcing many people to flee. In order to make it easier for these people to arrive in Germany and to break down language barriers in the counselling process, the ProfilPASS in Simple Language was translated into Ukrainian within a short period of time. The ProfilPASS in Simple Language was developed in 2018 as part of the EU project SCOUT and specifically addresses the needs and special living situations of new immigrants.

The accessible PDF document is now available free of charge in Ukrainian.

The ProfilPASS for adults: The classic since 2006

ProfilPASS for adults

The ProfilPASS supports adults in planning career development, preparing for (re-)entry into the workforce, professional and personal (re)orientation, and planning future learning.

Would you like to work with the ProfilPASS? It is available as an open access document to print out and fill in, or as a printed workbook to order from W. Bertelsmann Verlag or bookstores.

Printable PDF available in: English, French, German, Greek, Slovenian, Spanish.

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The ProfilPASS for young people since 2007

ProfilPASS for young people

The ProfilPASS for young people supports young people from the age of 13 in identifying their abilities, strengths and interests. In particular, young people discover knowledge and competences that are not reflected in their school grades. All areas of life are considered: Activities at school are just as important as hobbies and being with family and friends.

Also available to print out and fill in, or to order as a printed workbook from W. Bertelsmann Verlag or bookstores.

Printable PDF available in: German, English, French, Spanish

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ProfilPASS in Simple Language since 2018

The ProfilPASS in Simple Language specifically addresses the needs and special circumstances of new immigrants. It has been adapted to language level B1 and offers shorter texts along with more visuals, pictograms and the use of simpler language.

Available in: English, German, Greek, Swedish, Slovenian and Spanish.

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ProfilPASS for Start-Ups since 2019

ProfilPASS for Start ups

The "ProfilPASS for Start-Ups" is aimed at people who want to start a business. With the help of the ProfilPASS, they can reflect on and document their competences and experiences with regard to 13 entrepreneurial competencies. Those seeking advice on how to transfer to a life in a start-up situation are supported with biographical examples and testimonials that provide authentic insights into start-up and business management in different contexts.

Printable PDF available in: German, English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian.

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Barrier-free ProfilPASS in Easy Language since 2020

ProfilPASS in Leichter Sprache

The Barrier-free ProfilPASS in Easy language is aimed at people with cognitive impairments and learning difficulties. This version of the ProfilPASS is available as a barrier-free PDF and is therefore also suitable for blind and visually impaired people. Special features besides the use of easy language are extremely shortened text passages as well as the use of numerous tables, pictures and helpful guides for filling in the questions.

Available in: German, English, Greek, Swedish, Slovenian, Spanish

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ProfilPASS - kickstart your career! since 2020

ProfilPASS to get started

The ProfilPASS - kickstart your career! is particularly suitable for young adults who are neither in (further) education nor in employment and is a hybrid of the ProfilPASS for adults and the ProfilPASS for young people.

This version is geared to the life situation, experience and needs of the target group and among other things, supports career decisions and application processes and additional materials.

Available in: Bosnian, German, English, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian.

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Since 2008, the ProfilPASS service unit at the DIE has been responsible for the continuous development and quality assurance of the ProfilPASS and for maintaining the network of various actors.


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