Topic 2016: Digital Media for Social Integration

A jury of seven renowned experts of media education, adult education, vocational education and training as well as integration specialists selected the winners from numerous submitted entries. We are proud to present these projects.

Alle Preisträger des "Preis für Innovation in der Erwachsenenbildung" gemeinsam
mit W. Arndt Bertelsmann (ganz links).

The winners of 2016:

DaFür – Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Integrationen (German as a foreign language for integration) is a digital programme for language learning, which teaches basic language skills for coping with everyday situations. It was developed for three languages - Arabic, Kurdish and Farsi - as only little material is avilable for these languages although spoken by many immigrants. The portal contains online modules and numerous apps covering everyday life in Germany.

Jury members Katja Friedrich, Ludwig Kuhn (Eurokey GmbH), Tina Flauder (htw saar),
Susanne Roth (Eurokey GmbH), Prof. Dr. Halit Öztürk (University of Münster) (from left to right).


The project eVideo – Gastgewerbe (eVideo - catering industry) is aimed at people with low reading, writing and calculating skills, who are interested in working in the catering industry. A lack of skills causes major problems - learning programmes are hardly available or not suitable. In addition, work routines leave little time for the integration of learning programmes. eVideo – Gastgewerbe closes the gap: Time and place learning can be chosen individually.

Michael Lüdtke and Johanna Lambertz (ARBEIT UND LEBEN),
jury member Dr. Lutz Goertz (mmb Institut GmbH) (from left to right).

Motivation is maintained with an exciting story. 17 workplace-related exercises ensure a concrete reference to the work routine. Additional offline material provide the opportunity of developing integrative qualification concepts in terms of blended learning, which are suitable for the individual target group. The programme is aimed at employees in the catering industry, but also at (potential) trainees and immigrants. The jury members Lutz Goertz and Katrin Kraus emphasised the "innovative, adult compatibel and work-related" character.


The plattform, initiated by the University of Lübeck and its subsidiary oncampus, and the open online programme #DEU4ARAB by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke, University of Marburg, are one of the first education programmes for refugees by German universities. Both programmes are quickly accessible, 100 percent online and taken the increasing digitilisation of a global society into account. Consequently, they put the emphasis on the refugees' needs.

Jury member Dr. Jochen Robes, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Handke (University of Marburg),
Linda Wulff (University of Lübeck), Prof. Dr. Rolf Granow (University of Lübeck),
as well as jury member Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs (from left to right).


As a digital platform for learning, offers a quick, flexible and easy access to the German university system, thus supporting the professional integration of immigrants in Germany. The programmes include various areas as well as German language courses such as pronounciation training for Arabic (Syrian) German teachers, the massive open online course #DEU4ARAB. integration.oncampus is, according to the laudators Dr. Jochen Robes and Jun.-Prof.Dr. Matthias Rohs, a product, "which is particularly suited for the refugees' needs and therefore has a wide impact."

Further information on winners on jury is available in the
brochure on the Innovation Prize for Continuing Education.

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The jury honoured the winners in their laudatory speeches.

Welcoming adress by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs.

Laudatory speech: Katja Friedrich and Prof. Dr. Halit Öztürk for the project DaFür (PDF)

Laudatory speech: Dr. Lutz Goertz for the project eVideo - Gastgewerbe (PDF)

Laudatory speech: Dr. Jochen Robes and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Rohs for the project integration.oncampus (PDF)



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