The DIE has been awarding the "Prize for Innovation in Adult Education" since 1997. The award publicises new and promising approaches in continuing education and puts them up for discussion to a wider public.

DIE Innovation Prize 2023: Shaping the social-ecological transformation

Teaser innovationspreis 2023



One of the central criteria for the award is that the projects must be innovative and have been tested in practice. A jury composed of external experts evaluates all applications in a two-stage procedure. Institutions that relate to learning and educational offers as well as organisational and distribution forms of adult and continuing education are considered worthy of an award. They should give new impetus to this field of education.

Past Events

DIE Innovation Prize 2014

DIE Innovation Prize 2014

Cultural Education.

DIE Innovation Prize 2011

DIE Innovation Prize 2011

Learning Without Boundaries.

DIE Innovation Prize 2009

DIE Innovation Prize 2009

Supporting Transitions.


Beate Beyer-Paulick

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