The "Organisation and Programme Planning" department focuses on the entire thematic breadth of continuing education and places the meso-level of the continuing education sector at the centre of research interest. It examines the organisational conditions, the nature  and quality as well as the use and effects of continuing education courses and programmes. 
The research and development work aims to gain scientific knowledge about
  • conditions that promote quality and the organisation of continuing education,
  • effective management behaviour and
  • professional planning and design of courses and programmes.
Dr Ewelina Mania's junior research group in the department analyses participant recruitment in adult and continuing education as a coordination task for various stakeholders. The investigations by the members of the department are based on both basic and applied research. The department’s work is based on established research strategies in continuing education research and developing them in co-operation with other DIE departments and external partners through innovative methodological approaches.
Current foci include literacy and basic education as well as basic financial education and include vocational and scientific continuing education, the digitalisation of continuing education and the continuing education of older people.


All projects of the department "Organization and Program Planning"

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Rahn


Photo: Sandra Seifen





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