The DIE provides a comprehensive archive for researchers. Materials include letters, photographs, manuscripts, as well as handwritten notes. Within the scope of legacies of significant adult educators, it secures contemporary documents and significant originals for adult education.

The DIE offers information about the history of adult education as well as archives in reference stock and provides archive indices.

Numerous research projects in the field of (historic) adult education are based on programme plans of continuing education institutions. The DIE supports these projects with archival material in printed and digital form. Both collections can be searched online. Programmes of a representative adult education Centre are available online. Programmes of other adult education centres can be viewed in the DIE archive in Bonn.

Adult Education Centre - Programme Archive

The Meta Archive for Adult Education was developed for comprehensive research on archive  repositories exceeding DIE stocks. It contains information about people, publications, and institutions as well as various archival stocks inside and outside the DIE.

The library team, responsible for archives and collections in the DIE, also offers assistance and supports for research. This service comprises a general introduction to the general library stock, particularly the relevant location of historic books and magazines as well as grey literature in the old catalogue and research literature on the history of adult education.


Dr. Elke C. Bongartz

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