The main theme of the conference is ”Educating and learning across the lifespan – adult
educators and older learners perspectives. Theory, research, practice, and policy”. In line with the principles of networking, Ph.D. and postdoc students, experts, and practitioners from the field of adult education and training are invited to discuss different topics of the main theme in an interactive and dialogical format.

More information regarding the conference

Where and when

The conference will take place in Tallinn on November 8.–10.2023. 


The conference will be hosted at Tallinn University in partnership with the European Society
for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) and two ESREA networks: Network on
Education and Learning of Older Adults (ELOA) and Research Network for Adult Educators,
Trainers and their Professionalisation (ReNAdET).

Call for Papers

Participants wishing to present and share a research paper in a form of a presentation or a key presentation are invited to submit a paper proposal of 1–2 pages highlighting the main theoretical and methodological points with a brief selection of references

Participants wishing to present and share practical tools or disseminate results from projects in a form of a panel are invited to submit an abstract

Please send your proposals as a separate sheet with your name, affiliation, institution, address, e-mail, and a short biographical description of yourself in the third person (max 100 words for each author) to e-mail

15. May 2023 – Deadline for submission of paper proposals and abstracts

More information

Mittwoch, 8. November 2023 bis Freitag, 10. November 2023
Tallinn, Estonia