Criteria of the Scientific Dialogic Gatherings

There are a number of criteria to be taken into account for the correct functioning of gatherings:

  1. The chosen readings are the best works of reference in their scientific fields or the scientific articles with the greatest impact.
  2. The participants in the gatherings are people without a higher academic background, demonstrating that the best scientific contributions of humanity belong to everyone, and anyone can understand and share them.
  3. The opinions of all the participants are respected, and everyone addresses others appropriately.
  4. All opinions are accepted, provided that human rights are respected.
  5. It is also important to moderate the duration of interventions, not allowing interventions that are excessively long to take up all the time, as this monopolises the discussion.
  6. Turns must always be respected; this is the responsibility of the moderator. The moderator assigns the participants their turn to speak.
  7. Discussions between two participants should be avoided, and discussions should always be aimed at integrating all the participants. If two people start a conversation parallel to that of the group, the moderator is responsible for encouraging them to share these comments with the rest of the participants and to return to the gathering.

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