The conference addresses two professional tasks of adult teachers which tend to attract less attention than the “actual teaching”. However, planning and evaluation of adult learning activities are of equal importance for the quality and the success of these activities.

At the conference new European approaches to define and develop these two key competences will be presented and further development needs will be discussed. Besides a general introduction to the topic, three aspects will be explored in greater depth in parallel workshops:

  • digital media as a tool for developing professional competences
  • the role of competence standards and validation frameworks
  • the potential of European training courses

The conference targets practitioners and researchers in the field of adult learning and education.

Conference Programme (PDF)


Zusammenfassung in deutsch:

Gegenstand der Konferenz sind zwei Arbeitsfelder der Erwachsenenbildung, die häufig weniger beachtet werden als das eigentliche Lehren: Kursplanung und Kursevaluation. Beide Themen sind jedoch von gleicher Bedeutung wie die Lehre selbst, wenn es um die Qualität von Weiterbildungsangeboten geht. Neben einer generellen Einführung in das Thema werden drei Aspekte in parallelen Workshops intensiver bearbeitet: digitale Medien als Instrumente zur Kompetenzentwicklung und die Bedeutung von Qualifizierungs- und Qualitätsstandards.


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German Institute for Adult Learning – Leibniz Centre for Lifelong learning


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Swiss Federation for Adult Learning

25. September, 9:15 Uhr
Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI), Langer Grabenweg 68, 53175 Bonn.
No conference fees will be charged. Travel grants are available to a limited number of participants from Europe. If you are interested, please contact the organisers.