The DIE promotes the dissemination of Open Access

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The Leibniz Association promotes the publication of research results in journals and books in golden Open Access, among other things with its own publication fund. In this spirit, the DIE also encourages its staff to publish research results in open access. The basis for this is the DIE's Open Access Policy (PDF/German only).

Two paths, the so-called "golden" and the "green" path, as well as the institutional repository "DIE Space" are available. In addition, the DIE encourages its staff to negotiate a free and unlimited, simple right of use for archiving research results on a repository when concluding publishing contracts.

On the institutional repository "DIE Space", all those books, journal articles and online documents are published that have been developed for golden open access, as well as those books and journals that are given to the DIE for publication free of charge after an embargo period agreed with the publishing house.

The DIE advises its staff on all legal and technical issues relating to publishing in OA, on secondary exploitation rights, on licences, on copyright, on so-called "predictive publishing" and it arranges contacts with publishers for publishing in OA.

If you have any questions or are interested in publishing in open access, please contact the DIE's Open Access Officer Dr. Thomas Jung.

Open Access

The DIE promotes the dissemination of Open Educational Resources (OER)

The DIE is committed to the goal of providing free and low-threshold access to high-quality educational materials in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of adult teaching and learning as well as to the professionalisation of those working in the field. It supports its staff in preparing and making available work results in the form of Open Educational Resources where possible and appropriate. The policy can be viewed here (PDF/German only).


Dr. Thomas Jung

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