In 2005, the German Institute for Adult Education - Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE) estab-lished a European Research Group on Competences (Q-Act Group) in the Field of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE). In May 2007, an interim summary was presented at the conference "Qualifying the Actors in Adult and Continuing Education" in Bad Honnef/Germany. This conference focussed on a number of activity types in ACE, such as: Teaching and Learning, Training and Development, Counselling and Guidance, Policy Making and Managing, Organisation and Technical Support, Evaluating and Assessing. The results of this conference have been published in English (Nuissl/Lattke 2008). Now it seems time to extend the discussion of the European research network to an Asian-European perspective. In this enlarged network, under the umbrella of the ASEM-Hub for Lifelong Learning, the focus is on teachers and trainers in Lifelong Learning contexts.
Looking at Lifelong Learning, we find more and more attention being given to particular people working in that field. In European policy documents, the quality of the teachers is seen as a key factor effecting the quality of the entire adult education (Commission of the European Communities 2006). Therefore the European Union intends to create standards for people working in adult education (European Commission 2007), as other national governments already did. Similarly, increasing efforts concerning personnel working in lifelong learning are taking place in Asia.
This conference will focus on teachers and trainers working in lifelong learning and on their profes-sional development: What competences are needed in future by people working in the field of lifelong learning? What pathways of professionalisation are available to them in Europe and Asia? What are the actual effects of teacher training? What are the specific responsibilities of ACE teachers and trainers? At the conference, we intend to exchange and compare findings, current research results, best practice and views on the situation of the personnel working in Lifelong Learning in Asian and in European countries.

Applications for Travel Subsidy
The Conference is included in the Grundtvig-Database under the number DE-2009-894-001. Europeancolleagues can receive a Grundtvig-Subsidy (travel costs, hotel and conference-fee) from theirNational Agency within the Grundtvig-Programme “Visits and Exchange”. Please contact therefore as soon as possible your National Agency concerning the DEADLINES and application procedures. Please note: Colleagues from Germany cannot apply for subsidy at their National Agency for this
ASEM-Hub for Lifelong-Learning Subsidy
The ASEM-Hub for Lifelong Learning sponsors some flight tickets to the conference (max 800 Euros for Asians, max 400 Euros for Europeans). DIE will sponsor hotel costs and the conference fee of some colleagues, especially for the colleagues from Asia. Please fill in therefore the Travel Subsidy Application Form.

Kardinal Schulte Haus Tagungszentrum des Erzbistums Köln, Overather Str. 51-53, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach.
100 € conference fee (including drinks and conference materials) 95 € accommodation-fee (one night 29-30 June, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast) 72,50 € for additional accommodation/night (including breakfast)