We conduct application-oriented basic research, aim to anticipate practical problems in continuing education, and present possible solutions for discussion. Our research provides data for educational reporting. We offer services, research data and results to scientists as a basis for their own research.

Adult learning with its preconditions, forms and consequences is the focus of DIE research. It thus encompasses all areas of continuing education:

  • Who are the teachers and how does teaching and learning succeed in adult education?
  • How does one design appropriate continuing education programs?
  • How does one organize educational institutions so that learning is successful there?
  • And last but not least: What is the nature of continuing education systems in Germany and Europe?

Among other things, the DIE deals with the cognitive and motivational prerequisites of the addressees of continuing education. Special attention is paid to the pedagogical and institutional support that teachers, program planners, managers in further education institutions or those responsible for education policy provide for learning adults.

The ways in which adults learn are considered - whenever possible - in terms of the consequences they have for skill development, social integration, or careers. An important goal of the DIE's research is to provide scientific foundations for the design of continuing education systems, adult education organizations and programs, and adult teaching-learning situations that enable sustainable, satisfying, and effective learning.

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