The promotion of young adults at the DIE refers to the target groups "trainees", "doctoral students" and "post-docs". As a recognized training company, the DIE offers young people the following training opportunities to shape their professional future: Management assistant for office management, specialist for media and information services, specializing in libraries, and specialist for market and social research.

The structured post-doctoral training is intended to promote and support young scientists in the acquisition of scientifically relevant and workplace-related skills, as well as the doctoral candidates in the preparation of their qualification thesis.

Post-doctoral support at DIE currently takes place within the framework of three different programs: Both junior research group leadership, support for visiting and substitute professorships, and individual support are designed to help systematically prepare post-doctoral researchers for further academic careers.

In addition, the DIE has a staff unit for methodological advice. It offers advice and support to young scientists at the DIE. PhD students and post-docs are given the opportunity to discuss research designs, implementation conditions and evaluation strategies of their studies with the institute's methodological advisor, Lukas Fervers, and to develop an optimal procedure adapted to the specific research question. This ensures research at a high methodological level. The basis of the methodological consulting is both own research on methodological procedures of empirical educational research (e.g. intervention and evaluation methodology), as well as continuous training and exchange with methodologists of other research institutes.


Maria Heldt (contact person for apprentices at the DIE)

Dr. Lukas Fervers (contact person for doctoral and post-doctoral students at the DIE)

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