Since 2013, the cross-provider provider survey alphamonitor has been a steady element of the regularly produced statistics. Every two years, it provides current reliable data on the status quo in literacy and basic education in Germany.

Providers and programmes in the field are essential institutional prerequisites to enable people with insufficient basic education the acquisition of competences for coping with everyday life. Thus, the survey focuses on programmes categorised by extent, type, level and praticipation. In addition, information on teachers, counselling and institution profile is collected.

Contact: Heike Horn

All institutions in this field are invited to participate in the survey. Please contact our team to be registered in the pool.

Current findings online

Ambos, Ingrid, & Horn, Heike (2015). Angebotsstrukturen in der Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung für Erwachsene 2014.


Further survey information


Our Evaluation Serviceoffers  summarised products based on anonymous data as well as counselling and special evaluations for special lines of questions.

Further information on literacy and basic education on the DIE website

The project phase (2008 until 2011), which was funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), was conducted in cooperation with the German Federal Literacy Association (BVAG) and the German Adult Education Association (DVV) (Project Website.

Comprehensive information about the DIE research field "literacy and basic education " is available on Alpha Portal.

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