In addition to the provider statistics, the DIE offers individual and user-oriented statistics services.

Open Access

Open-Access-Piktogramm and partly also in commented articles, data on the following surveys is available:

Standardised Evaluation Products

In addition, standardised evaluation products for numerours issues are available. For detailed information and request forms:

  • Request form for data on an aggregated level (Federal State or Federal Republic) for interested specialist community.
  • For data sharing institutions and associations, an individual evaluation on the institutional level is available (please keep your access data ready - select "Service" after your Registration.

Scientific Use File Primary Data of Statistics on Adult Education Centres

Primary data of Statistics on Adult Education Centres are supplied as scientific use files for research. Please use the form for a formal application. The completed form can be sent to the DIE postal adress or as a pdf-document to the DIE mailbox

Further information about research records:

DIE COVID Surveys (german only):


Our team provides counselling on surveyed data and evaluation options. Individual special evaluations are available for specific issues.


List of current adult education centres

An excel list with current addresses of adult education centres is available as a single order and a subscription.

Contact: Andreas Bachem

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