The DIE promotes the publication of research results in Open Access. Information on this can be found in our Access Policy (PDF, German only). DIE publications from journals, book series and other formats are available in the DIE repository, which you can access via the literature search. These are provided with a CC licence. The DIE's Open Access publications are also visible on LeibnizOpen and other specialised portals. The DIE is actively involved in the Leibniz Association's Open Access Working Group.

Publications by DIE staff published between 2016 and 2022 in the form of monographs, anthologies, journals and web documents are summarised in this PDF, which we update annually.

DIE Publikationen



Working papers


The "Publications" team is part of the Knowledge Transfer department. The team is made up of experienced editors, proofreaders and reviewers with different scientific backgrounds and qualifications. If you would like to publish your research results, they will be happy to advise you on our publication formats, distribution channels and services.


Dr. Thomas Jung

Media partners

The DIE co-operates with various media service providers and publishers. The journal weiter bilden and the majority of the books are published by wbv Publikation. The journal for continuing education research is published by Springer Nature. Our print publications can be ordered from bookshops.

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