The department "Teaching, Learning, Counseling" deals with the conditions of successful teaching, learning, and counseling processes and examines their planning, design, and impact. The researchers pay special attention to the professional competencies of teachers and the learning progress of learners.

The researchers investigate the conditions for success of teaching, learning and guidance processes in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts.

  • How can knowledge and competencies of teachers and learners in adult and continuing education be recorded and promoted?
  • What support do educators need to effectively implement evidence-based didactic concepts in adult and continuing education?
  • How can processes of knowledge transfer be designed so that learners benefit in the best possible way?

One focus is on analyzing, promoting, and accounting for the professional competencies of teachers who work full-time, freelance, part-time, or on a voluntary basis in various areas of adult and continuing education.

A second focus is on the assessment of learners' competencies and the investigation of the effects of differently designed learning and information offers on learning progress. Thematically, the department focuses on digitalization in the field of adult education and the linguistic (basic) education of adults.

The department continues its commitment to internal collaboration and cooperation with other institutes of the Leibniz Association, with universities and the continuing education community, and has expanded its interdisciplinary research approach and networking within the field.


All projects of the "Teaching, Learing, Counseling" Department

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Hannes Schröter

Photo: Sandra Seifen

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